on 4 or more bottles.


  • Change Your Life and Lose Weight!
  • Inhibit Fat/Carb Absorption
  • Helps Regulate The Thyroid
  • More Satisfying Sex
  • Improve energy
  • All Natural 30 day supply
  • Great with All Vigor Labs Products
  • Click here for Ingredients
  • Made in a CGMP Lab in the USA
  • Get Rid of That Gut!
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Our Video

Check out our TV commercial for Gut Cut featuring our hot spokesmodel Michelle. If weight loss is important to you then you need to try Gut Cut. We sell Gut Cut because we are all about improving your sex life. Anyone's sex life can be improved by dropping a few pounds of fat. Gut Cut will help you do that by burning fat, increasing energy, suppressing appetite, and by interfering with carb/fat absorption.

This video was shot in a major Hollywood studio in California in 2012. Michelle did a shoot for each of the 5 products and one complete infomercial about all of them. These videos can be found on our video page. Thanks for watching!


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